Professional career

+25 years’ experience

I am a member of the IMO and professor of the Masters in Ophthalmic and Orbital Plastic Surgery of the Institute of Eye Microsurgery and the Autonomous University of Barcelona Faculty of Medicine.


Eyelid ptosis or droopy eyelids

Eyelid ptosis, blepharoptosis or droopy eyelids are ophthalmological terms used to talk about upper eyelid drooping […]


Orbital tumors

Eye orbit surgery encompasses any type of surgery in the cavity that contains the eyeball and […]



Frontal Flap. Patients all over the world.

A map has been created with the countries of origin of some patients who underwent the frontalis flap technique.


Explain your case

Tumores orbitarios. ¿Qué son? Ptosis palpebral. ¿Qué es? Congreso Nacional de Oftalmología. Costa Rica 2021